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      Welcome To Roadies Of Color United

       The Roadies Of Color United International Social Network is comprised of Professionals in the Entertainment Services, Concert Touring and Live Entertainment Industries.

       This Group is intended to be a place where Professionals in the Industry can Unite, Network, Promote each other and to collaborate in order help promote a more diverse and and inclusive industry.
      Our goal is to unite our industries in a way that has never been done before .

      We are pleased to announce that our 1st Annual Conference and 10th Anniversary celebration was a huge success.


      Latest News

      Please visit this site regularly as we are adding new readers sections. The latest posts will appear below. 2019 was a busy year for our staff and event planning committee. The time and efforts were well spent. The Roadies Of Color United International 1st Annual Conference and 10th Anniversary celebration was a huge success.

      This was a must attend conference for those of you that  have ever worked in the live entertainment industry, worked for a musical artist or have a desire to work in the industry. If you may have missed it the work has already begun on the conference for next year.

      Our Sponsors for our 10th Anniversary and Conference.

      2019 sponsors

      Latest News Posts

      We are pleased to announce our Roadies Of Color United 2019 Lenny Award Winners.

      Our 2019 Professional of the year Lenny Award winners from Left to right Stuart Gray accepting the award for Leon Blue for Coach Bus driver, Adrian Porter for Programer/ Playback, Gerald Mcdougald for Rigging, William “Bill Reeves for Tour Management, Ryan Williams for Lighting Director, Gabi Parra for production Coordinator, Chad Beverly accepting the award for David Beverly for Wardrobe, Victor Reed sr. for Production Management, Lance”KC” Jackson accepting the award for Alex Williams for Video Director, Kenneth Williams accepting for Keven Brown and Joshua  “Fez” Delport for Audio Engineering, Brandee Wilder for Wardrobe and Shae Usher accepting in Memoriam Plaque for the Jimmy Daniels Family.


      Tour Tales | K.C. Jackson on Andre Harrell and Heavy D show memories, being fired onstage by Rick James, and more…

      By?Keith Nelson Jr “In the case of Andre Harrell, I had the privilege of working for Heavy D & The Boys on his first tour,” Jackson said. “He was instructional[…]

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      On The Tech Tip… Crossing The Line: Don’t Overlook Point Source Approaches

      By Bruce Main Considering whether point source loudspeakers might be right for the toolbox as well as the particular needs of certain applications. It wasn’t too many years ago that[…]

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      The Tech Flex: Innovation Leading The Way To A Reopened Concert Business

      By: Ryan Borba Audentes fortuna iuvat. The Latin proverb reads “Fortune Favors The Bold,” at least depending on the translation, and the concert business is no different from others in[…]

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      The Roadies of Color United Story

      Co Founded by Lance “K.C.” Jackson and William “Bill” Reeves in 2009. Roadies Of Color United was started as social network to represent, introduce and unite those of us in the concert touring and entertainment services that were not being represented on other industry related social network platforms . The original site was hosted on the Ning networks from 2009 to 2016 during that time membership was approximately 300 + subscriber members. In 2016 Roadies of Color United adopted a Twitter presence and a Face Book Group Page at the urging of one of our members. Membership on our Face Book Group page is 800  plus social network members.

      Roadies Of Color United International Network is open to all Professionals in the Entertainment Services, Concert Touring and Live Entertainment Industry. Our Social network was created to unite, network, promote, and collaborate in order to help each other Grow in our related Industries. Our goal is to unite our related industries in a way that has never been done before until now promoting a more diversity and inclusion within our related industries. 


      Interested in becoming an official member? We will start taking memberships into our  Official Professional Association in the very near future. Direct any inquiries via the contact for below or email us at information@roadiesofcolorunited.com


       Roadies of Color United 10th Anniversary Reunion Celebration Event Organizers

      Meet the Organizers and Event planning committee for the upcoming Roadies of Color United  Reunion 10th anniversary celebration. This event is the vision of Lance “K.C” Jackson. “It’s been a long time coming  ” says Lance Jackson, Chair Person of the Committee. Our Team bios will be posted soon.


      Sparkl West

      Road Manager

      “After 7”



      Lance K.C. Jackson

      Stage Manager

      “Earth, Wind, & Fire”



      Shae Usher

      Production Coordinator



      Tony Bulluck

      Production Manager

      “Earth, Wind, & Fire”



      David 5-1 Norman

      Tour Manager / Tour Accountant

      “Earth, Wind, & Fire”



      William Reeves

      Road Manager / Production Manager

      “Anthony Hamilton”



      E Kevin Jones

      Production Manager, New Jersey Performing Arts Center



      Stuart Gray

      Production Manager / Stage Manager / Audio Engineer Radio Talk Show Host

      “WHCR 90.3 FM The Voice Of Harlem”



      Jimmy Daniels

      In Memorium

      C. E. O. Jimmy Daniels-Celebrity/High Profile Transportation, LLC/Security Consultant



      Ronnie Stephenson

      CEO At CPP

      Ronnie Stephenson owns Creative Production Partners, a production and management company based out of Brooklyn, N. Y.



      Victor Reed Sr.

         CEO Global Events Productions Network LLC

      Production Manager for Mary J Bilge and ASAP Rocky



      Lisa Pittman Dennis

      Attorney Law Office of Lisa Pittman Dennis & Associates.


      R.O.C.U. Professionals of the Month

       We think recognition is important so once a month we recognize one of our members. Meet some of our recognized Professionals from 2018. Our 2019 Professionals will be posted soon. If you’d like to nominate someone drop us a line using our contact form.



      INTRODUCING OUR OCTOBER 2018 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Gabriela “Gabi” Parra  Production Coordinator/PA/Hospitality Coordinator /Runner /Stagehand /Freelance PC

      Gabriela “Gabi” Parra 

      Earth, Wind & Fire



      INTRODUCING OUR NOVEMBER 2018 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Thomas R. Selsey Stage Manager & Monitor Engineer. Stage/Audio tech at Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts….

      Thomas R. Selsey

      The Manhattans featuring Gerald Alston



      INTRODUCING OUR December 2018 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Wesley Copeland Production Manager,  Independent Front of House and Monitor Engineer. 

      Wesley Copeland

      Independent Freelance Eng.




      Philadephia, Pa based Tour Manager / Stage Manager / lighting tech with some audio experience.


       Pedro Rodriguez




      INTRODUCING OUR FEBRUARY 2019 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Brenda “Chief Bear” Long  One of our best content contributors and loyal supporters of Roadies of Color United.

      Brenda “Chief Bear” Long  

      Freelance Photograhper



      INTRODUCING OUR MARCH2019 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Roger M Edmunds Jr.  Stage Manager / Lighting Director /  Rock Steady Concert Lighting and Production 

      Rodger Edmuns Jr.

      Lighting Director



      INTRODUCING OUR APRIL 2019 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Danielle M. Lewis Motivated audio engineer, production manager, project manager and stage manager experienced in audio production, live sound reinforcement, theater and live recording events.

      Danielle M. Lewis 

      Freelance Egineer, Production Manager




      A professional in the field of executive protection and promotional security. Association with many entertainers in the music industry, in addition to high-level executives. 

      Andrew”Dino” Johnson 

      Centurion International Consultants – President/CEO



      INTRODUCING OUR JUNE 2019 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Daychia Sledge Audio Engineer and Owner of MixWell World Productions Services Company providing  a complete Audio Production One Stop Shop for all Audio Production needs and Online Audio Engineering Courses and Workshops.

      Daychia Sledge

      Freelance Audio Engineer




       Tour & Production Manager, Site Coordinator, Security Director, Bus & Truck Driver, Sales & Implementation for Corporate Sponsorships and Artist Management.

      Ross Rylance





       45 of consecutive years in the business. Production Manage,Stage Manager, Allstar Backline Tech and Carpenter.

      Greg Black


      Stage manager Anthony Hamiltion and Tony Braxton



       Backline Tech & Stage Mgr,  for 10 years. Currently working freelance & hopes to move into a Brand Endorsement Rep. role.

      Joe “OJ” Rainville

      Stage manager / Backline Tech



      INTRODUCING OUR OCTOBER 2019 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Bernarr Ferebee Sr. Producer, Eighth Day Sound Senior Systems Analyst

      Bernarr Ferebee S.

      Earth, Wind & Fire



      INTRODUCING OUR NOVEMBER 2019 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Joe Schaffner aka “Uncle Joe” Production Manager Retired Aretha Franklin

      Joe Schaffner aka “Uncle Joe”

      Aretha Franklin



      INTRODUCING OUR DECEMBER 2019 FEATURED PROFESSIONAL OF THE MONTH Theodore Moyé Production Manager and Sound Engineer

      Theodore Moyé

      Morris Day and Cameo

      Contact us

      We would love to hear from you your input is very important to us.

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